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About Us

About Us

Unicorn Edu Solutions(UES) is an educational organization established with the aim to provide. outstanding educational support to students at large. Our service consistently explores better educational and career opportunities for deserving candidates. With this view in mind, we strive to create opportunities for those who have genuine aspirations and honest intentions, who seek excellent quality in tuition, student services, qualifications, and career prospects post qualification. 

Our highly experienced team help students with career suggestion and counseling for studies. We have educational partnerships with Malaysian, Philippines, Canadian, Australian and Indian universities.
Unicorn Edu Solutions (UES) is a proficient education consultancy firm that gives boundless study opportunities to students across the globe. Our mission is to extend global educational opportunities to the vast number of students seeking to pursue their education offshore and onshore. At Dream Education, our primary mission is to provide students with comprehensive guidelines and ensure high standards in the quality of service that we offer for students’ higher education needs. is committed to providing high-quality services to students and educational institutions around the world. Explore our services and reach out to us; we would be very happy to assist you in your educational endeavors.
We work in the best interest of both students and our partner universities and colleges - we are professional and reliable. We follow ethical, moral, and personal values to maintain high standards in our work. 


To be instrumental in uplifting the living standards of students as well as professionals by pursuing higher educational attainment and promoting all-around development of students' abilities and personalities, and empowering their potential. To provide effortless and distinctive quality service and commit to improving continually. Maintain a high standard of professionalism, performance, and quality to establish exemplary excellence in higher education, and work together with prospective students.

Our mission is to place deserving students with genuine education providers. We aim to take leadership in the Education Service sector with our distinguished quality of services for students and education providers. We strive to uphold the excellence of higher education by providing inclusive, competent, and professional support to the student community and educational institutions.


Honesty &  Integrity

Open Communication and Transparency

Inclusiveness, Impartiality, and Respect

Consideration, Empathy, and Inspiration

Care for Society.



Unicorn Edu Solutions(UES)  provides career counseling to the students & parents via telephonic or personal meetings at the office. Students get confused about selecting the destination or university after their 10+2 because today there are many options available for making a successful career. If you are confused about which Career to choose, UES guides you through the jumble of questions to find solutions best suited to your profile and/or parameters ensuring you choose the best career path. Our counselors are highly skillful and have extensive experience in guiding students' education in India or abroad.

After understanding individual profile, their interests, and the present competitive market scenario, we help students to make the best career choices. The volume of information on the internet is a blessing and a curse too. You may be inundated with articles to read and things to do but can you rely on them and take the decision. It is mandatory to invest adequate time and effort in order to make the right decision. Our trained staff offers help to identify professional goals, enabling the student to take a wiser academic decisions and gives personal guidance to help choose courses that perfectly fit your career or personal goals. So, choose us to become successful both personally and professionally.


Students also get an opportunity to ask questions and clarify any concerns they may have about their future in a foreign land. In addition to providing logistical information, the Pre-Departure briefing helps students set realistic expectations and goals. It also affords students and parents the opportunity to ask questions to clear their doubts. The goal of this orientation is to help introduce students to their new city, country, host family, and classmates. Pre-Departure orientation at UES is designed to help students successfully transit to a new culture by giving them important information. Our Pre-departure seminars are the best ways to get complete knowledge, guidance, and experiences abroad before you fly. These briefings endeavors to prepare each and every student effectively for the environment he/she is going to get exposed to when attending university overseas Unicorn Edu Solutions conducts Pre-Departure sessions / get together for students before they depart.

We feel this is one of the most important sessions in the whole process. We get the opportunity to share with students about their new destination, the new culture they are going to face, about the institution they are enrolling in, and also make them aware of Do's and Don'ts while they settle themselves in totally a new environment. This not only allows them to get more confidence but also adjust better in the institution and hence has better performance in the programs of study. The Pre-Departure Orientation is an important step in ensuring a successful experience in the study abroad program. It gives students an opportunity to understand many realities of future life. Student gets details about their study designations, life abroad, and expectations they have in mind. Other important things, they get information about travel, logistics, health and safety issues, lodging and meals, standards of conduct, travel insurance, and more.


After career & admission guidelines to select the right Course, University, and Country with regard to the grades, location, budget, etc. We guide and provide information to students and parents during the crucial fold of their ward's life in achieving career goals and personality enhancement in this competitive & busy world. Arrange guaranteed admission to your desired University/ Course. Not only information, we provide guaranteed admission in case all the eligibility criteria and deadline requirements are met. Admission guidance from the Career plus team is excellent! We give special attention to your application, highlighting the areas essential for a well-presented, error-free application. We assist with References and the 'all-important' Statement of Purpose. UES expert team follows up with the chosen Universities and ensures a positive and quick response. All documentation and other formalities for admission on behalf of students are efficiently completed by our skilled staff. We also assist with the basic requirements for the application process. 


A visa is an entry clearance, which gives permission to an entity to enter a non-native country. Students require a student visa to enter a foreign nation to stay for the purpose of the study.
We assist our students in the entire Visa processing, right from filling up applications, preparing financial statements, providing guidance, and conducting mock interviews. We are in touch with the consulates on a regular basis and are informed about the latest rules and changes in visa documents which result in our extremely high visa success rate. Our services include translation, immigration plan arrangement, document preparation & submission, accompany & delivery service, etc. We help in assisting visas & complete all visa-related formalities, by getting visa letters & supporting documents from foreign
governments/embassies. Every country has a different process and procedure for visas. At UES we guide students with clarity and all the checklist information is available at our offices. We are regularly advised by the consulates about the latest Visa documentation and rules.


One of the most important priorities includes securing their children’s successful future by providing them access to quality education. However, in recent years, the cost of higher education in India and abroad have become exorbitant, and more and more parents are finding it difficult to self-finance their children’s education. Increasingly, the demand for educational loans has skyrocketed for higher education studies in prestigious Universities and Colleges both in India and abroad. At present, almost every Indian bank offers education loans in India to students interested in pursuing a wide range of graduate, post-graduate, and professional courses/degrees in Universities and Colleges abroad. These loans cover a range of expenses including direct expenses such as tuition fees along with allied expenses for uniforms, lab equipment/tools required for the course, traveling expenses and laptops,s, etc. We assist in introducing our students and their parents to the representatives of Banks and Financial Institutions.


Psychometric tests have been used by experts for well over 200 years now as a tool for educational psychology. Psychometricians are people who are experts in this field and have the proper knowledge of student understanding. It is mandatory in some countries to appear for this test before a student chooses his/her professional field.

Psychometric Test

Usually, 1 hour long the test is supposed to be taken in isolation. Remember, there are no correct or incorrect answers to any question. Students should not forget the test by not being honest with themselves. Although there are various tests available in the market which can easily confuse students and their parents, we focus on the major aspects of the judgment.

·         Verbal reasoning: This section usually consists of 30 questions that enable us to understand a student’s academic, vocabulary logical thought process.

·         Logical reasoning: Based on the questions provided, a student has to analyze the best possible solution. This helps us realize how well a student can inductive and deductively reduce a problem. It also contains multiple complex charts and figures, sentence completion, and reading comprehension.

·         Quantitative reasoning: Distributed over a set of 25 questions, quantitative reasoning checks the promptness of a student’s brain. It is derived from topics which compulsory for every student while studying in his school.

·         Motivational Test: What drives an individual? What do students dream of while growing up and what makes them behave the way they do? All these questions are answered with this set of questions.

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  • Attending an International conference.
  • Maintaining liaison with Education Providers i.e. local and international feeder institutions
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  • Maintaining networks with key stakeholders
  • Arranging Education Fairs at key places.
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